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Benefits of an Integrated Contact Cloud Solution

Although moving your contact center to the cloud may seem like a daunting task, the benefits likely outweigh the costs. Localized contact center solutions are inefficient, inflexible, costly, and damaging to the customer experience. Working with a reputable cloud-based provider can get your contact center operational quickly so you can reap the following benefits:

  • Scalability – As your call center grows, your business can easily add on features and services need to expand your operation without planning for a large expenditure outlay. Cloud systems also allow for easy addition or removal of devices, allowing companies to handle seasonal fluctuation in communication volume with ease.  
  • Better Cost Control – With many cloud solutions, you only pay for the services you need, which allows for better cost control of resources. Investments in hardware and software are minimal with a cloud solution, and system maintenance and security costs are reduced significantly.
  • Increased Engagement – In a recent market study conducted by Customer Contact Week Digital, increased digital engagement was reported as the #1 priority for contact center professionals in 2019. Customers expect to speak with a live person who can help address their concerns as quickly as possible, and cloud-based solutions can help achieve that goal through efficient call routing and fewer dropped or mishandled calls.
  • Customization of the Customer Experience – By integrating with a variety of customer management and data programs, cloud solutions enable businesses to better understand customer needs and adapt their processes accordingly. Automated programs can further enhance the customer experience by documenting communication attempts, initiating follow up, and sending digital resources to the customer based on a predefined set of rules.
  • Improved Quality and Responsiveness – Cloud-based solutions facilitate remote workforces and instant communication with supervisors or other agents for assistance when needed. These features create happier workers, who in turn provide higher quality service to customers. Call management features also provide greater responsiveness by routing calls correctly and efficiently.
  • Enhanced Security – Cloud solutions are more reliable than localized systems, and cloud service providers handle important security measures and product updates on your behalf. This makes for a more secure environment without the need for additional IT staff.
  • Flexibility for your Team – Contact center agents enjoy flexible working hours and remote locations, but they also appreciate the flexibility of a cloud-based system that can simplify the work required to properly care for customers. Integrated interfaces provide access to cross-functional data, which allows them to understand a customer’s entire experience and saves time.

Utilizing an integrated contact cloud solution will give your company a competitive edge in handling customer service issues. Exploring these benefits and how to best harness them for your business will help you to identify and develop memorable customer experiences to meet your clients’ changing needs.

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