Cloud Solutions for Contact Centers

As the technology that supports cloud computing becomes more robust, companies are looking for innovative ways to conduct business through cloud-based platforms. Customer service teams can now utilize integrated cloud-based solutions to run a fully operational call center without the need for expensive equipment. Cloud-based solutions offer contact centers a myriad of other benefits that make exploring this option worthwhile.

What is a contact center?

A contact center is a central hub that handles all communication with customers or clients. Contact centers go beyond a traditional call center by handling communications via chat, email, social media, and even video feeds. Since contact centers employ multiple agents handling many customers through various communication channels, they need a solid, reliable communications infrastructure with applications that support their operational goals.

Cloud Solutions for Contact Centers

Cloud solutions improve contact center efficiency by providing tools, features, and applications that integrate multiple communication channels. By utilizing a cloud-based solution, companies can access many different features without having to purchase multiple separate programs. Cloud solutions can also facilitate agents operating in multiple office locations, or even remote workers. A cloud solution will typically offer the following features to streamline contact center efficiency:

  • Time management tools to track service and wait times
  • Call routing and management tools to send customers to the correct department as quickly as possible and allow supervisors the opportunity to monitor calls as needed
  • Channel integrations to allow customers to communicate with agents via a variety of platforms
  • Detailed dashboards and analytics to provide accurate and timely metrics for decision making
  • Customer service and support to manage tech support issues quickly without the need for an in-house IT team
  • Integrated software applications to streamline business operations and share data between different business teams